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From 20 to 22 March 2024, this specialist conference brought together experts from the global textile supply chain from the cotton farmer to the brand. 

The 37th International Cotton Conference Bremen

The Bremen Cotton Exchange and the Faserinstitut Bremen (FIBRE) as organizers have offered  a rich program on different areas of the cotton and textile industry. The event as well as the numerous expert and association meetings have been embedded in a Cotton Week with additional events.

On behalf of Vietnam Cotton and Spinning Association (VCOSA), Ms. Nguyen Thuy Vi – VCOSA Vice Secretary General has participated actively and dynamically in the conference, demonstrating the position, role and responsibility of an organization representing Vietnam’s cotton and spinning field.

During the first day of the conference on March 20, it was highlighted that the cotton market has experienced low growth compared to other commodities over the past three decades. However, there was still hope for improvement, especially in production, citing the positive example of Brazilian cotton production. The importance of collective efforts to prevent harmful legislation that negatively impacts the industry and hampers effective laws was also emphasized. Additionally, increased exchange, cooperation, and the establishment of a common language within the cotton supply chain were identified as crucial in overcoming the industry’s challenges.

From left are Mr. Jean-Paul Haessig- President – Bremer Baumwollbörse (Bremen Cotton Exchange); Ms. Mai Tieu Yen – President, CEO of Long Van Yarn Ltd (Vietnam); Ms. Nguyen Thuy Vi (VCOSA), and Mr. Jens Wirth – Director Cotton Quality & Rules, ICA Bremen GmbH

The second day of the International Cotton Conference Bremen on March 21 also offered several highlights and many interesting presentations. After the keynotes had kicked off the day the regional focus on Vietnam put the spotlight on the dynamic textile industry in this Asian country. The parallel sessions of this day provided a comprehensive package of content for different interests. 

From left are Mr. Jean-Paul Haessig; Mr. Eric Trachtenberg – Executive Director of the International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC); Ms. Mai Tieu Yen; Ms. Nguyen Thuy Vi (VCOSA), Ms. Lorena Ruiz – Economist of ICAC, Mr. Nguyen Vu Hoang Long – Director of Dragon Textiles 2 (Vietnam), and Mr. Kanwar Usman – Head of Textiles of ICAC

Parallel session about Vietnam

During this session, Ms. Vi has provided valuable insights into Vietnam’s spinning industry, offering a comprehensive understanding of its past, present, and future of the spinning industry and itself within the broader textile and garment supply chain landscape through a presentation including 5 main parts:

01. Development history of Vietnam’s spinning industry and current situation

02. Overview of the spinning industry in the textile and garment supply chain

03. Prospects of the textile and garment industry

04. Expectations for spinning industry in Vietnam

05. Summary

Ms. Nguyen Thuy Vi – VCOSA Vice Secretary General as panelist on the 2nd day of The 37th International Cotton Conference Bremen

After the parallel sessions, from left are Ms. Pia Terasa – Vice President Marketing & Communications of Saurer; Ms. Mary Concilia Anchang – President & Founder of FICOTA; Ms. Nguyen Thuy Vi (VCOSA), and Mr. Terry Townsend – moderator of the sessions, Former Executive Director of ICAC

ICA Bremen is an ‘International Centre of Excellence’ for cotton testing, quality training, and certification. Formed in October 2011, ICA Bremen combines the global reach of the International Cotton Association (ICA) with the quality expertise of Bremer Baumwollboerse (BBB) and the Bremen Fibre Institute (FIBRE). The International Cotton Conference Bremen is part of ICA Bremen yearly activities. The conference focuses on scientifically founded and practically useful new insights into key issues surrounding cotton production, cotton quality, textile processing, innovative cotton-based products and the chain connecting all.

The participation of Ms. Nguyen Thuy Vi, VCOSA Vice Secretary General, as a panelist at the 37th International Cotton Conference Bremen brought valuable insights and expertise to the discussions. Together with other representatives of Vietnam cotton industry, Ms. Vi has highlighted the important role of VCOSA in the global cotton industry and showcased the commitment of Vietnam to contribute to its growth and sustainability.

Congratulations on the resounding success of the 37th International Cotton Conference Bremen!

Collected and edited by VCOSA – Hoai Thu


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