Vietnam Cotton and Spinning Association (VCOSA) is an non-govermental organization (NGO), established and operating under the Decision No.1225/QĐ-BNV dated October 27, 2010 of the Ministry of Home Affairs on the basis of merging Vietnam Cotton Association and Vietnam Fiber Association.
VCOSA is the legal representtative, on behalf of the member enterprises of the cotton & spinning industry in particular and the textile industry in general raising the voice to the Goverment and other organizations, protecting members' legitimate rights. VCOSA's mission is to promote the development of the spinning industry, contributing to the sustainable development of Vietnam Textile and Garment Industry. VCOSA's missions are to support the member enterprises about specialized information and knowledge; to ensure the implementation of members' rights and obligations; to connect trade, investment and consult the government on policies in order to promote the development of enterprises in particular and the Textile industry in general. 


VCOSA currently has 120 members. representing 90% of the industry's production capacity with an estimated total assets of USD 5 billion, total revenue reachs USD 4.8 billion each year with an average growth of 10% per year, creating jobs for nearly 100,000 employees.

In order to contribute to promote the sustainable and stably development of Vietnam Textile and Garment Industry, VCOSA has participated in the national fabric production program according to the Decision 68/QĐ-TTg dated February 18, 2017 of Prime Minister through:
(i)    Linking with industrial zones specializing in textile weaving and dyeing across the country;
(ii)   Strengthening advertizing, popularizing and propagating the guidelines, policies to attract investment into fabric production.
(iii)  Encouraging the members of spinning enterprises to participate in fabric production  
(iv)  Focusing on inviting foreign investment into fabric production stage in Vietnam
(v)   Increasing the admission of members are fabric manufacturers in Vietnam